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About US

As a healthcare student in today’s world, our need to remain prepared, informed, and updated on aspects that dictate our clinical success is more important now than ever. RateMyCI is a website made by students, for students that centralizes these needs by providing a high-quality and easily accessible source for students to rate and review their clinical rotation experience with their mentor, attending, preceptor, clinical instructor, etc. RateMyCI is the healthcare students’ one-stop-shop for finding information for their rotation and discipline to ensure clinical success, pre and post-graduation. Rate My CI will become the hub of choice to facilitate student interaction regarding clinical rotations, and ultimately, become the leading source for healthcare information that betters our healthcare community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide every healthcare student with the confidence and understanding needed to get the most out of their clinical experience. As the largest online platform for clinical-based content, healthcare students can access information relevant to their profession and clinical rotations, nationwide. RateMyCI hopes to foster an interprofessional community that holds each other accountable and strive towards a standard of excellence. Our student-generated ratings and reviews will help students overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of the clinical success YOU want and deserve.

meet the team

Mark Anthony Rodriguez

Founder/ President

Dipendra Gautam


Gregory Nkwocha